The Kobane Siege

A timeline of reports – July 2014 – June 2015


The battle of Kobane was epic! Not even George RR Martin or JRR Tolkien could create this and this was reality! This was the turning point in Syria for the Kurds, for Syria and for the coalition war against ISIS/Daesh. The Kurds of Kobane demonstrated amazing courage and resilience while being surrounded by ISIS from three sides. Turkey lay on the North and didn’t lift a finger to help. They still severely restrict aid from coming into Kobane even a year later. This has made rebuilding quite a challenge.

I’ll post links blow to reports in chronological order as it went down. They will show how this battle became a model for success in the fight against Daesh, setting a precedent for a pattern of successes and it will demonstrate the strength of spirit and heroism that Kurds deserve to be honored for.

I don’t claim to be an expert on the Kurdish groups or military strategy. I’m simply a witness from a far.